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New Expert Witness Site

A new resource for expert witnesses, consultants, and legal support services.

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Experts and Consultants for Any Topic

Need an expert or consultant for a legal case are specialized topic? Easily find the ones you need with this great site.

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Discussion Forum Platform

Free and open source forum software

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Psychology Forum

Articles and discussions related to psychology.

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International Colloquium

Improving the performance of optical interferometers

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Determinants of protein function revealed by combinatorial entropy optimization

We use a new algorithm (combinatorial entropy optimization [CEO]) to identify specificity residues and functional subfamilies in sets of proteins related by evolution. Specificity residues are conserved within a subfamily but differ between subfamilies, and they typically encode functional diversity. We obtain good agreement between predicted specificity residues and experimentally known functional residues in protein interfaces. Such predicted functional determinants are useful for interpreting the functional consequences of mutations in natural evolution and disease.

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Preparing to visit pathology

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Health and Wellness

What keeps us healthy? Several factors, including our behavior and our genes, determine whether we live in good health or not. Equally as important to our health are forces outside ourselves—the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink, and places we live.

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